Puddletag Automatic MP3 Tagger for Ubuntu Linux

When I used to use Microsoft Windows, I used MP3Tag to organise my digital music collection as it allowed for custom scraping scripts to attempt to retrieve tags and covers from specific sources such as my favourite; the Metal Archives script. MP3Tag looks just as bad running via WINE as it does under Microsoft Windows so Puddletag (PyQt), a feature-similar open source alternative, is like a dream come true.

The source, packages and a dependency list are available here but the programme isn’t available in the Ubuntu repository though Andrew of Web Upd8 kindly maintains a PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/puddletag
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install puddletag

Pro-Music, Anti-Piracy Activism

I took it into my own hands to see what I could do about a prolific piracy blog for metal music downloads. “Bunalti – Sharing our Pain” is a turkish-run and turkish-targetted although its audience is much larger with  Alexa placing it in the top 80-thousand websites on the internet and ValueIs evaluating daily advertising revenue at $62 and with an overall value of just under $70.000.

The WHOIS data for the administrative contact is:

Necati Sasmaz, No:213 Araf Caddesi. Karanlik Sok. Istanbul, Türkiye

Not knowing any turkish, that looks fine to me, as it would have to the registrar but with the assistance of Google Translate, the result is quite amusing:

Main Category, No: 213 Purgatory Road. Dark Street. Istanbul, Turkey

The domain was registered through PublicDomainRegistry and I’ve contacted their abuse team. I’ll be interested to see what a vigilante such as myself can get done in less than an hour of research while this site’s remained active for years posting releases of many of my friends’ bands and in one case, before they could even get the pre-orders out to fans like myself.
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