Tor Exit Node Trials and Triumphs

Tor Exit Node SetupI recently worked on a project that required rotating IP addresses without the need for speed, just viewing specific pages from different addresses. I first started with open HTTP proxies but their reliability varies hugely and I found that parsing any (free) proxy list was so unreliable and most of the time was spent determining that a proxy was not online so I came up with the idea of leveraging the Tor network due to the ease of path-finding and pruning of dead peers. As the results have shown, the number of peers is always sufficient for the requirements.

As a way of contributing back to the community and the Tor Project, I set up a dedicated Tor Exit Node. It was quite interesting and took a little while of going through disparate documentation sources and the outdated version in the repositories for Ubuntu Server but it was thrilling to learn exactly how this service function, that I’ve admired for many years, functions.
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My Little Bit of Anti-SOPA Support

I’ve been a bit too busy to keep well-abreast of all of the details but am a huge opponent of un-lawful, “without due course” domain-seizures. As a professional in this field, the intended effects of any legislature would only marginally inconvenience me from doing anything that action legalised by these bills would hope to stop. Not that I would be doing any of those activities: I only use Linux and hence, obviously, the only film I’ve download is Big Buck Bunny and just like most P2P users (evidence in all screenshots) we only share Linux distributions! I just don’t understand why so many people are downloading it then not going on to install it…?

I added a timed “Stop SOPA” button (so come tomorrow they operators of the software aren’t still being harassed) to the menu of an internal “web app” which links to an informative video.