Tor Exit Node Trials and Triumphs

Tor Exit Node SetupI recently worked on a project that required rotating IP addresses without the need for speed, just viewing specific pages from different addresses. I first started with open HTTP proxies but their reliability varies hugely and I found that parsing any (free) proxy list was so unreliable and most of the time was spent determining that a proxy was not online so I came up with the idea of leveraging the Tor network due to the ease of path-finding and pruning of dead peers. As the results have shown, the number of peers is always sufficient for the requirements.

As a way of contributing back to the community and the Tor Project, I set up a dedicated Tor Exit Node. It was quite interesting and took a little while of going through disparate documentation sources and the outdated version in the repositories for Ubuntu Server but it was thrilling to learn exactly how this service function, that I’ve admired for many years, functions.

My node is now running beautifully, presumably helping people without the option of anonymous freedom of speech or those with restricted or monitored internet access – monitored by anyone from a script-kiddie to a government. Although, their reasons are their own – the important thing is that they are given a choice or a voice.

We’ve noticed that your Tor node AlastairPro (id: FE03 8F33 F3A7 450A 7072 5F14 ACC7 FFA2 652D D19A) has been running long enough to be flagged as “stable”. First, we would like to thank you for your contribution to the Tor network! As Tor grows, we require ever more nodes to improve browsing speed and reliability for our users. Your node is helping to serve the millions of Tor clients out there.

- tor ops

The statistics, allowed protocols and uptime of my node can be viewed here. If there’s any interest in the project I developed, I’m happy to lend a hand with the source code which depends on Tor, cURL, Telnet, PHP and Bash.


  • You don’t tell anything about the configuration of torrc,
    help the other and give some informations !

  • This wasn’t intended as a guide but here’s my /etc/tor/torrc :

    I’ve removed my password but you can hash your own by running: tor –hash-password mys3curepassw0rd

  • Thanks , i’ve compared your torrc file with mine but i don’t use ExitPolicy ^^
    My VPS is in the USA and i don’t have received a DMCA comlplaint till the exit node is running (1 month ago).

    Thanks for your torrc file that will help a lot of people ;)

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