Ausgrid Mobile Apps and Wireless Security

Closed for Business - No Public Ausgrid Mobile Apps I received a letter ifnorming me that I’d be inclued in a trial of Ausgrid’s new wirelessly and fibre-optic smart grid¬†as part of their Smart Grid, Smart City initiative. I’m truly honoured because, as I’m told, I “will help shape the future of energy use in Australia”! I was quite interested in what sort of access they’d be allowing external entities – such as developers wanting to write Ausgrid mobile apps – considering that one of the most-cited feature is remote monitoring of household electricity usage and remote control of appliances via an online tool or ausgrid mobile app.

I contacted their media department and was kindly re-directed and received this response:

“The SGSC trial solution is a ‘closed system’, and as such is not designed to incorporate external-to-Ausgrid application development.”

- Senior Project Manager

No Public Ausgrid Mobile Apps

Although, not what I was hoping to hear, I appreciate the response and hope the project’s a success as, for some time, I’ve wanted to have a Smart Home and I’m quite impressed that, even with the biggest software company in the world trying for a decade to corner this market, it is an arm of the australian government that’s bringing it to my home in the morning. It’s just such a shame that I couldn’t get API access, wireless specifications or permission to fiddle with it as I would have liked to develop some sort of integration or Ausgrid mobile app!

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