Stream Television in Ubuntu Linux with SopCast Player

Stream Television with SopCast PlayerA friend loves to stream television online to watch the football matches from England because of costly television channel subscriptions in Australia. I thought I’d write this guide to help him stream television so he doesn’t have to stay up until silly hours of the morning. A direct television stream also means one doesn’t have to hunt around the ad-ridden, unreliable websites before kick-off time hoping to get a good feed. I hope this guide on how to stream television online for free makes someone else’s sports entertainment a little easier.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/sopcast
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sopcast-player

The Win-popular VLC will also be installed but thankfully it needn’t be seen as the front-end and SopCast Player or another  GTK-managed player can display the stream.

Common Stream Television Issue

A common issue, which I experienced, keeps SopCast Player from launching. If nothing shows for you, try launching it from the terminal by simply typing the package name (sopcast-player).

  File "/usr/share/sopcast-player/lib/", line 32, in 
    import vlc_1_0_x
ImportError: No module named vlc_1_0_x

If you get the above error, before trying again, run the following command to comment-out the offending section:

sudo sed -i 's/import vlc_1_0_x/# import vlc_1_0_x/g' /usr/share/sopcast-player/lib/

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